It takes more than the pastor to provide a meaningful worship service that offers multiple opportunities to connect with the Holy Spirit, God’s love, and the grace of Christ. We need people to help with greeting and seating worshipers; help with sound, cameras, and slides; help lead Jesus for Kids time; read Scripture; help lead and provide music; and lead prayer.
Life sends us both lemons and lemonade – experiences to celebrate and experiences that bring sorrow. Whatever it is, this group of loving people reach out through a card or a note to let you know we care. They meet monthly for a friendly lunch during which they share the news of our church people with an eye to expressing encouragement and compassion. They figure out who needs a card or a note and someone volunteers to make sure it happens. They even make sure that everyone in the church receives notes of care during the year for no reason at all! They are keeping in touch via email and phone during the pandemic. 
The purpose of praying for others is to offer ourselves as channels of God’s Grace. When we act as intercessor we offer our hearts as channels, through which the healing Love of Christ may be directed to those for whom we are praying. We put, as it were, one hand in the hand of Jesus, and the other in the hand of the person(s) we are praying for, believing that the Love can flow through us to him/her/them. We pray regularly, confidentially and specifically for the people and concerns given to us. The group meets on Thursdays at 11:00 am in the Allen Room downstairs.


This ministry serves people within our church and beyond our walls. The faithful ladies meet at the church on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month to create quilts to lift the spirits of those who need to know they are loved. Quilts are donated to area hospitals, going to everyone from adults to newborns.
You don’t need to be able to sew to be a part of this ministry. The group always needs people to cut material, organize items, and keep them company. The time always includes a brown bag lunch and a time to pray over the work.
Want to learn this ancient art? Then you’ll be delighted to know that the more experienced quilters will be happy to teach you! Whatever your skill level, if you would like to be a part of this ministry of Christ’s grace, you are welcome to join us.
Beginning AUGUST 1st, we are meeting on the FIRST and THIRD Mondays at the church from 10:00 to 2:00. – We are making quilts and also several items for the 2021 Christmas Bazaar, such as adorable snowmen. EVERYONE is welcome to join in a creative and safe environment. Contact the Church Office.
Crafters meet  2nd and 4th Mondays at Cleta’s Craft Shop – 10-2.
Held the second week of November, this unique Christmas bazaar features items made only by the people of the church whose talents are simply amazing! From delightful snowmen to embroidered kitchen towels; from 18″ Santas with hand painted faces and full length hand sewn velvet coats to knitted scarves and caps – this bazaar has it all and more! This popular event fills the entire lower level of the church every year, and includes a delicious meal on Friday night and Saturday lunch as well as baked goods, “new to you” items that look new, and much, much more. Ten percent of whatever is brought in is given to a local charity. We are a bit uncertain if the bazaar will  be held in 2021, but nothing could stop the creativity of our people – we are very hopeful that the bazaar will happen this year!
Traditionally, this diner has been held on or near Ground Hog Day in February, featuring the famous Sinden Sausage, made from a secret family recipe,
*****The format of this fundraising even may change this year due to the ongoing pandemic,******
This event brings church families together as we serve the larger Washougal community with a sausage, biscuits, and gravy dinner people wait all year to enjoy.
Everyone in the church is invited to pitch in as well as feast and enjoy.