Our goal is to allow those who seek the grace and love of Jesus Christ to find it here, among faithful believers, in an environment that is clean, safe, and spiritually uplifting.

What we do to prepare for you
1.  The church is cleaned regularly by a certified cleaning
     company. They:
          *   do a thorough general cleaning;
          *   wipe down every hard surface with disinfectant;
          *   fog every room with a disinfectant that is safe
               for children.
2.  Staff, Pastor, and all volunteers complete a
     self-check document every time they work at the
     church, and stay home if they are ill.
3.  Staff, Pastor, and all volunteers comply with
     all health regulations while working at the church.
     This includes wearing masks, social distancing, and
     frequent hand washing.     
What you’ll see when you are here
1.   Hand sanitizing stations throughout the church.
2.   Masks provided for those who forgot theirs. We wear
      them throughout worship.
3.   Directional arrows on the floors to make social
      distancing easier as we enter and leave the
4.   Every other pew blocked off to maintain 6 feet of 
      distance between occupied pews.
5.   While State health regulations allow us to have 63
       people in worship, from an abundance of care for
       your health, we have chosen to limit in-person
       participation to 40-45 people.